About Us

“OPTICS AND TECHNOLOGY”, established in 1991 in Lithuania and ever since growing company, specializes in the installation of swimming pools, fountains and artificial ponds.

We were the first to talk about the health benefits of water treatment on the market and we were improving the equipment that maintain the well-being, the health of body and soul. The pace of life of modern people is particularly active, so everybody is looking for ways to regain their strength – both physical and spiritual – and to preserve and cherish it.

We love what we do. And our customers can feel it.

Since 1991 we successfully represent the following companies: “Debes & Wunder GmbH & Co”, “SPECK PUMPEN”, ”KAUT”, “BEHNCKE” , “KRIPSOL” . This is not only an honourable mission, but also a great responsibility. That is why our company from the first days has been paying a lot of attention to the quality of customer service and providing the widest possible range of both designing and equipment installation services during the installation period and warranty, as well as post-warranty, period services. Our qualified personnel are always ready to help you choose the most necessary equipment to implement your personal project.

The client, who has chosen the equipment of manufacturers we represented can be completely sure about the installation, maintenance and support. Warranty and post-warranty service, creator maintenance and instructing – are integral to our everyday work .

The close collaboration with designers and architects, great experience and knowledge enable us to complete the most ambitious projects, so that the ordered pools are exactly what the clients imagine: unique and perfect in every case!

Company staff ensures the highest quality of service, which has already been appreciated by our customers.

Our services have been used by more than 2,500 customers, including private individuals; hotels; wellness, fitness and beauty centres; sanatoriums; hospitals; public clinics; amusement parks; city and district municipalities, that were decorating their surroundings with fountains.